What Is The Wedding Cake Delta 10 Strain?
What is wedding cake delta 10

 At Good Vibez & Co we know that when it comes to cannabis, strains most certainly matter. While we put a great deal of effort into ensuring that our disposable hardware is the best in class, and our THC-O gummies the most consistent and best tasting, the real star of the show will always be the hemp derived cannabis itself! Today let’s introduce one of our very favorites, the world famous Wedding Cake Delta 10 THC strain.

A cross of two hybrid parents, Wedding Cake Delta 10 has quickly become one of the most sought after strains in the hemp derived THC market! But what makes this classic strain so special, and where does Wedding Cake come from? 

Wedding Cake is most renowned for a taste that can be best described as sweet and sugary, a unique flavor profile which earned it its distinctive name. This indulgent flavor is absolutely no accident – the combination of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie was designed to deliver the very best taste experience for those who love a touch of sweetness. 

Thanks to it’s Girl Scout Cookie heritage, Wedding Cake Delta 10 trends towards the indica side of the hybrid spectrum. While still a fairly balanced hybrid, users can expect about a 60% indica experience, vs a 40% sativa

Anecdotally users often report that the minority sativa effects come on first, leading to a heightened sense of awareness, and quickened thoughts. The euphoric head high quite quickly will transition into the more notable indica effects, as you might expect. Many users report a strong body high, including arms and legs developing a heavy, relaxed sensation. At the very same time the mental acuity and awareness remains, resulting in a calm and relaxed high which is unique to Wedding Cake Delta 10! 

Not surprisingly, Wedding Cake has been recommended by users in the know as a solid strain of choice for those who suffer from insomnia. At Good Vibez we certainly recommend that at the very least, Wedding Cake Delta 10 is best suited for use when one is seeking to relax and kick it down a notch. 

Nobody knows exactly who originally formulated the Wedding Cake Strain, but one thing is for certain; the strain is a particularly difficult one to grow. Preferring a fairly specific temperature of 70 degrees to thrive to its full potential, and often flowers within eight weeks, a certain standard of expertise is required of those who grow it. In spite of these facts, the wedding cake hemp plant is particularly resistant to damage and manages environmental challenges such as weather, pests, or plant disease quite well. Thankfully, seeds for Wedding Cake Hemp strains have recently become more widely available, helping introduce this tasty and powerful strain to the masses. 

Here at Good Vibez we knew that our catalog could not be complete without the legendary Wedding Cake Delta 10 strain! While many longtime cannabis users may have experience with the traditional THC Wedding Cake strain, our aim was to deliver a high quality, perfectly convenient, and 2018 Farm Bill compliant hemp derived THC option. 

The result is the Good Vibez Wedding Cake Delta 10 Disposable! Enjoy a full 1ml tank of American grown, trusted, and independently third party tested Wedding Cake Delta 10 as an overtly appealing headline. We paired this heavy hitting cannabis blend with a state of the art disposable device, featuring the industy’s first pre-heat feature in a disposable, a USB-C rechargeable 300 mAh battery, and a full ceramic coil. 

When you choose Good Vibez you can be sure that you’ve chosen the brand which puts quality and experience at the forefront of the priority list. There is no better time than now to experience the full relaxing effects a top notch Wedding Cake Delta 10, and at the same time find out why our customers love our fast shipping and industry leading customer service. Shop now and join the Good Vibez family!

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