Which Products To Choose In 2022

It’s been said that the only thing that stays the same is that everything changes. In the world of cannabis, nothing could be more true.

The evolution of ways in which consumers enjoy cannabis has grown by leaps and bounds in the past ten years. And thanks to the advancement of technology, the pace of growth is simply not slowing down. There was a time when we that of THC edibles as brownies or cookies, but today the average person immediately reflects on that last delicious gummy. Those who once felt the need to step outside in the cold and grab a lighter are now able to comfortably use a vaporizer. Ask your Dad, did he dab in the 70’s? It’s easy to see that times are changing, but at the very same time it can leave even the most educated and experienced THC connoisseur in a bit of a pickle.

At the expense of a cool new rhyme, we can finally take a look at which products to chose in 2022! Have no fear, we at Good Vibez are here to clear the air!  

The first thing to consider when it comes to choosing between THC gummies, THC vapes, concentrate, or just about any other type of legal cannabis products, is to determine how it may fit into your lifestyle. Are you constantly on the move? Do you live with others who don’t like the smell or the smoke associated with smoking THC? Perhaps you simply prefer the old fashioned smokable cannabis and are lucky enough to have a beautiful private backyard in which to enjoy a delta 10 preroll. Let’s quickly touch on each of popular ways that people all over are integrating hhc, delta 10, and delta 8 products into their every day life.


When it comes to delivering the psychoactive effect you want, while being as discreet as possible, absolutely nothing beats an edible. Traditionally, cannabis edibles have existed in the form of baked goods, lovingly crafted in a kitchen for a heavy hitting effect. With marijuana legalization sweeping the country, and the new found freedom provided by the 2018 farm bill, innovation in the edible space has been remarkable.

Not only are consumers able to find the exact blend of delta they prefer, but now can explore countless flavors and variety! THC-O gummies may represent the latest pinnacle of cannabis related confectionaries, but surely won’t be the last! Want delta 8 gummies delta 10 gummies and THC-O gummies all rolled into one? Don’t miss the delicious Good Vibez selection, and get ready to enjoy the flavor and experience that only bring the right vibes!


Where can we begin with vapes? Perhaps no other area in cannabis has benefited from the rise of new technology quite like the THC vape category. An evolution driven almost exclusively by the needs and wants of real users, enthusiasts everywhere now even have the option of picking up disposable vapes! As this post is being written in the frigid month of January, it’s important to note one great plus-side for many. Disposable THC vapes such as the delta 10 disposables for sale right here from Good Vibez offer the invaluable opportunity to stay inside and out of the cold! As vapes do not emit smoke, and generally carry a fraction of the odor associated with more traditional cannabis, you can count on your trusty electronic cannabis vape to keep you warm and cozy all winter long!


While maybe not quite as popular as just a few years ago, thanks in part to the quick rise in popularity of edibles and vapes, concentrates still may hold the pound per pound title for heaviest effect. With legal cannabis options, and hemp derived THC still evolving, we’re sure that 2022 will bring all varieties of delta 10 concentrate, THC-O concentrate and more to help the sophisticated user dab in style. While Good Vibez doesn’t yet offer delta 8 concentrate for sale, we may have something up our sleeve for the New Year!

What’s The Latest On Legal Hemp Derived THC For 2022?

Here at Good Vibez we could not be more excited about what lies ahead. We’ve already presented our best selling delta 10 gummies for sale, with the added burst of THC-O our customers craved. We’ve helped forge the industry forward with delta 8 disposables blended with delta 10. The future is bright for delta 8 THC, even in light of the regulatory hurdles that states such as Texas have thrown in the way of the industry. Will we see the Supreme Court weigh in? Time will tell. In the meantime users all over the United States can breathe will a sense of optimism, that when it comes to the future of delta 8 THC products, and all of the scientific innovations that followed, only Good Vibez lie ahead for 2022!

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