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THC-P & Delta 8




Delta-9 THC


Why Choose Good Vibez and Co.

At Good Vibez we are committed to living up to the standards that we set for ourselves. Whether you choose to use our delta 10 or THC-O products to kick start your day, make your Saturday night just a little more lit, or wind down after a busy day, we are here to help you set the right vibe. Sit back, relax, and put your full confidence in our professionally crafted and fully hemp derived delta 10 THC disposables, and more, and learn firsthand why our customers come back time and time again!

Good Vibez and Co. Champs Las Vegas

See the highlights of the Good Vibez booth at Champs Las Vegas! 

Third Party Tested!

Every Delta 10, THC-O, HHC or Delta 9 Product Made By Good Vibez Is Independently, Third-Party Tested - Quality First Every Time!

Made in the USA!

Make Sure That Your THC Comes From The Highest Quality Farms Possible! All Good Vibez Products Are USA Made!

Fast Shipping!

Don't Even Sweat It! All Of Our Delta 10, HHC, Delta 9 and THC-O Products Ship Quick And Cheap, Straight To You!

THC-P & Delta 8 Sublinguals

Blue Raspberry 25mg Delta 8 THC-P Sublinguals


Watermelon 25mg Delta 8 THC-P Sublinguals


Strawberry 25mg Delta 8 THC-P Sublinguals


Live Resin THC-P Disposables

Delta 9 THC Gummies